Plus Size Beachwear

So the clothes you wear are in double digits. That’s no reason to stay home and ignore the call of summer fun at the pool or at the beach. Beautiful and stylish plus size beachwear is available for the full figured women who wants to look good as she enjoys her place in the sun.

Remember the time and care you put into finding that cute little dress for that special occasion? Well, your search for plus size beachwear should use the same time and energy. First of all, know your body shape. Your bathing suit or plus size swimwear should have a complimentary balance between the upper and lower body.

If you are fortunate enough to have an hourglass figure, this article is not for you; you look good in almost anything. But if you have a triangular, inverted, or rectangular figure, this information will be helpful. The triangular woman can wear a one piece as well as a two piece comfortably. Adorn the two piece with a small skirt or shorts to draw attention away from the hips. A one piece should have a hip slimming line and should be a solid color. The full figured woman with an inverted body shape is top heavy with a large chest, wide shoulders, and small hips. Her two piece should have an underwire bra with thick straps. Mix and match your colors; muted top with a bright and colorful bottom. The rectangular diva is boxy in shape. Strong wide shoulders with proportional hips and an undefined waist, her plus size beachwear can be enhanced with a scarf, bows or ruffles.

Plus size beachwear should be adventurous. Bright colors and styles that are modestly flirtatious make a world of difference. Answer the call; go swim.